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Sunday, 10 March 2019 10:54

Hungry Happens Food Blog Featured

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HungryHappens.com is a food-blogging website that publishes recipes on a daily basis and has more than 500,000 followers on the social networks. The owner of the website requested to transfer everything from the tumblr account to her own website, to monetize the traffic and be able to manage the website by herself.

One of the first things we had to do was to create something friendly for the already existent audience that was used to reading the recipes through different social networks. Then we had to increase sharing cabilities, add a multi-comment system that would inform the owner about any new comments, make everything visible from different devices, and create a simple app for iphones for fast recipe searching. In addition, a strong S.E.O. engine was needed to provide more traffic for the already successful blog.

What is it about

Hungry Happens food blog, is about healthy and easy food recipes that can be prepared fast at any part of the day. The concept is pretty simple, the owner takes images from the cell phone, and then posts the images with a small description of the recipe and the preparation on the blog. There are 6 categories with food recipes (lunch, dinner, breakfast etc) and one category that is dedicated to smart quotes. Hungry Happens is less than one year old and it's already famous across the social media.

The owner wanted to monetize this success by creating her own website. The old website was under tumblr and she wasn't getting any profits at all. 

What we did

  • Simple layout for blogging purposes
  • Logo creation and design for all devices (total 9 types of logo's)
  • Color branding for the website and all social media accounts
  • Complete customization of the blog and search results
  • Custom Search Engine Optimization
  • Application for auto-posting new recipes to facebook and twitter
  • Google Ads account and positioning
  • Custom data-entry and image management system
  • Training for the owner

Results so far

As you can see from the results, hungryhappens, with the power of web 3.0 development, is  a complete professional blog solution. Every article includes multi sharing options for more than 320 different social networks with a single click. The article system is top of the line, with multiple customizations for the owner, and supports multi-blogging from different users. There are multiple ad positions in the layout, and more can be created at any time.  

The article system includes auto-posting to Facebook and twitter, saving a lot of time for the blogger. In addition to the above, the S.E.O. system is indexed to all major search engines as a 'news' system, and whenever the blogger posts something it immediately goes to Google, Bing, Yahoo & AOL search engines. Finally, it's worth mentioning the website's performance optimization that was done by our team, which targets mobile users that are typically browsing these types of websites. 


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