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Tuesday, 13 August 2019 06:51

NGTV Cable Channel-News Portal Featured

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NGTV is a cable channel based in NY and provided by Time Warner Cable. While NGTV's history goes back 20 years, they never had any serious web presence. Their goals were to create a multi-dimensional portal with daily bilingual news, web-tv, paid-banners, SKAI TV online subscription, and a submission system for the authors.

We designed a clean layout developed with multiple elements for the news and the tv-shows. The system includes different sections for the news in 2 languages (English & Greek) and multiple categories for the news (politics, entertainment, sports, financial etc). The authors are using their own control panel to post or edit the news, with very advanced and easy to use systems for the images, video or galleries. We trained the authors and the rest of their colleagues to handle and manage everything by themselves including image resolution, tagging system and typography. 

We installed and customized a complete automated system for the website paid banners, so their clients are able to complete online payments, upload or renew their ads and watch banner statistics when they want. The system support PPC, per month, per day, visibility on specific geo-ip locations (i.e. NYC's users are watching different ads than LA's users), it's compatible with cell phones and tablets and of course provides multiple earnings and time savings for the business.

Worth mentioning is that NGTV was trying to launch the website for more than 12 months with another company, and we launched the website in 1 month after we took over the project.


The website succeed after 6 months to ranked on #1 across US, as the top in traffic bilingual website for Greek-Americans that it's based on US. Since the launch the reputation and the branding of the business is increased, and more potential customers are become subscribers to their cable TV channel or asking to advertise in both the website and the TV channel. 

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