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Thursday, 22 August 2019 05:33

Central Lounge Restaurant Featured

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Central Sushi Bar & Lounge is a thirteen year old, established business, based in Queens. This very well known 3 stage club is considered one of the top in NY's nightlife and entertainment scene. Central came to us asking for a complete re-design of their old website with many additions and applications. 

Our marketing and design team, came up with a very modern and minimalistic design, which provides simplicity and in-depth usability of the new website and the different services / sectors of the business.  

What is it about

CentralLounge.com provides information to visitors about the upcoming events, catering and event services, booking for restaurant tables and ticket sales. The front-end of the website incorporates few of the latest technologies and techniques in web design, including responsive design, parallax effects, auto-screen fit, native solutions for cell phones, strong SEO engines and of course systems like event announcements, ticketing, facebook & twitter auto posts, newsletter, google maps, menu, downloads and contact forms.  

What we did

Their old website was not bad. It was missing usability and branding (not compatible with cell phones, low SEO results, small framework and very simple graphics), but it was a very descent website and at the end of the day it was doing the job. The new website that we did though, stands out of the competition, and gives a brand new feeling and a strong web based marketing tool for the business. 

Central Sushi Bar Lounge Restaurant

  • Simple and clean design for both desktops and mobiles
  • Service pages with HD images
  • Unique Home Page design with Parallax effect
  • In depth image editing
  • Custom galleries
  • Custom graphics
  • Social media channels
  • Events system
  • Training for the owners

Web Software & Configuration

What looks simple, most of the times isn’t. On this website we had to use 15 different commercial software programs and 10 free GPL3 licenced software to create this nice and clean looking images.

Results so far

Still new, results are coming soon. 

Additional Info

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