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Saturday, 02 February 2019 05:23

PaintFlix.com Featured

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Paintflix.com is a decade old website, that had to be upgraded for the next level. The company sells exclusively training videos for water & oil painting from famous teachers and they were looking to find a solution to monetize those videos on-line with subscription-based users. 

One of their concerns was to avoid expensive solutions that most of the developers offered (hundreds of thousands of dollars) when at the same time they wanted to be able to administer their project by themselves having in mind the very small knowledge for anything technical and complicated.  

What is it about

Paintflix offers a great way to expand your innate artistic abilities. If you don’t have the time to travel to an art workshop, or the unlimited funds for tuition, a Paintflix video is an immediate way to get going on learning new art skills. Paintflix videos can be reviewed over and over to really understand the course material. And you’re not just watching somebody else paint - each lesson is followed by an assignment that you can do on your own, using everyday objects from around the house. The front-end of the website incorporates few of the latest technologies and techniques in web design, including responsive design, parallax effects, auto-screen fit, native solutions for cell phones, strong SEO engines and of course systems like facebook & twitter auto posts, newsletter, google maps, menu, downloads and contact forms. The most important engine though is the user-based subscription system. This system incorporates multiple ways of payment through PayPal or credit card, different duration, specific access levels and auto-renewal or auto-generated reminder when the subscription ends. 

What we did

Their old website was...old. It was missing any type of branding, it was not visible through cell-phones at all, had multipe issues with tablets (videos were not playing at all) and in general it was making more harm to the business than good:


Our design team came up with a real "live", full of colors web design and layout. The new website eye-cathing and completely targeted to their audience focusing to simple and quick explanations how paintflix works and what is it about. PaintFlix now appears for the first time in their history in the search engines, and they have multiple ways to convince the user for the results someone can have through their training. The transaction system is very easy for the users and at the same time with tha addition of auto-translator they have customers outside the US!



    • Clean & Colorfull design for both desktops and mobiles
    • Complete video control access streaming system
    • Custom checkout system and auto-renewal system
    • Community style for user support
    • Logo & Graphics
    • Social media channels
    • Online ordering system (for DVD's)
    • Membership / Payment system for watching video
    • Training for the owners

Web Software & Configuration

What looks simple, most of the times isn’t. On this website we had to use 9 different commercial software programs and 11 free GPL3 licenced software to create this nice and clean looking images. We had also to use a commercial (very affordable) engine to stream the videos and avoiding high hosting costs or hidden fees/ads.

Results so far

After 3 months being up and running they've managed to tripled the orders and to increase their website traffic for more than 400%. They have more than 9 indexed keywords on Google's 1st page.

Additional Info

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