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Tuesday, 23 April 2019 06:22

LiketoCookit Featured

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LiketoCookit.com is a brand new blog website related with food recipes. The owner ask from us to create something unique and modern when at the same time she will be able to handle the multiple social media marketing and the hundreds of different bloggers by herself.

The website is presented to multiple platforms with same-time posting like pinterest, instagram, twitter and facebook. The basic source of generated traffic is based to a multi-level marketing which includes newsletter subscription system and in the future registered-members-only content.  

What is it about

The idea behind LiketoCookit is to gather in one place some of the best recipes in the food blogger industry, choose the ones that are using awesome images, share these images to social media and start gathering traffic. The project sounds simple but it's not, since includes complex factors like users/bloggers that had to be registered by the owner, privileges levels, different dimension of images, multiple devices and platforms that accessing the website and much more. Monetization of the project was another important questionmark due to the modern layout and the fact that nobody wants to have a new website beeing full of advertisement. 

What we did

Our team came up with a really unique and modern layout that inspires from the first second and invites users to come back again. The 'grid' type of layout with the combination of the transparency over the images on the home page and the large-full-width recipe page, made LiketoCookit from the first day a new buzz in the web:


  • Unique "Grid" design for both desktops and mobiles
  • Logo & Branding for social media
  • Complete Professional Blog system with multiple bloggers
  • Complete Automated content-based newsletter system
  • Multiple social tools and app's
  • Speed optimization
  • Custom SEO per page
  • Custom advertising system through Google Ads
  • Training for the owner

Web Software & Configuration

What looks simple, most of the times isn’t. On this website we had to use 15 different commercial software programs and 25 free GPL3 licenced software to create this nice and clean looking blog. On the other hand this website is probably one of the top favorites of all the time for our team.

Results so far

Website just launched. We will update the results after few months. 

Additional Info

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