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Friday, 15 March 2019 05:55

Long Island Iced Tea Featured

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Longs Island Iced Tea (LTEA:US) is a website for beverages products from the well known non-gmo local company.  The main concern was to create a new website that would be visible from the search engines due to the fact that the company is on the US stock market.

Their old website was suffering from a very common issue: It was looking awesome since it was created by a creative agency but it didn't follow any web development rules (99% of the websites that are created from advertisement agencies have similar issues). The results were so bad that the main page was taking more than 30 seconds to load (with a weight of 18MB!) and it wasn't rank at all at the first 10 pages of Google. So, when people and specifically investors were searching for the company, they were coming up with results how to make ice tea. That was unacceptable of course and our team stepped in and re-designed the website based on their original theme but with the correct coding and compression.

What is it about

Long Island Iced Tea's website is about providing information for the story, the products, the distributors that you can buy them, contact information, social media streaming and investor relations. Through the website you can search based on your zip or address where to find the products next to you, read announcements, check the stock price and have a nice easy-going navigation around the pages.  

What we did

Our design team restructured the old website and added few new updated elements. We developed everything based to what Google wants to see from a website in order to rank it high on results. We used a very advanced framework supporting 4 different layouts for large screens, medium, tablets and cell phones. Website is responsive and there are objects hidden for different screens. This way the visual experience of the visitor is better and the navigation smoother and faster.


  • Colorfull re-design for large screens, medium, tablets and mobiles
  • Multiple product presentation system
  • Newsletter signup system in coordination with Mailchimp system
  • Monthly SEO service
  • Background video player
  • Blog system for news and announcements
  • Gallery
  • Connection to other websites belonging to same group of companies
  • Live Social Media streaming on home page
  • Training

Web Software & Configuration

What looks simple, most of the times isn’t. On this website we had to use 9 different commercial software programs and 10 free GPL3 licenced software to get the final result. The focus from the begin was to follow the "rules" in order to have the best possible SEO results.


After the first 40 days of custom SEO service the website is ranked on the first page of Google getting more than 3,000 visitors in a monthly basis.

Additional Info

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