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Copywriting Services

You know your business better than anyone. When you have us build your website, you may decide to write the content. Just a note of caution - more often than not, clients see how difficult it is to produce the content in a timely manner in order to meet their targeted website launch date.  Writing is time consuming, and you may find it stressful, and that it takes time away from your business.  With this in mind, we offer copywriting services usable for:

  • Your website, metadata and keywords
  • Your Blog Posts
  • Press Releases and Marketing material
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media Writing
  • Anouncements
  • Catalog Updating

Website Support & Maintenance Plans

websupportAll websites need support and updating. The support and maintenance of your website is critical for your data and your web presence. You should know that you are responsible for the sensitive data stored on your website in the event it is hacked, including user emails, personal information, credit cards, social security numbers, etc. We can help you protect your web investment by updating and maintening your website, under a monthly or yearly affordable contract plan:

  • Onsite support when it's needed
  • Full analysis of current security situation
  • Updates to all major website development systems
  • Maintenance to all major website systems
  • Regular scheduled backups
  • 1 hour maximum response time
  • Support by telephone, email, and online support system
  • Alerts 24/7

Website Administration

adminAdministration of a website includes many variables and tasks that - depending on the scale of the website - have to be done in a scheduled period of time. We can offer all the major services that a website owner needs:

  • Create, develop and manage content for the web presence
  • Coordinate web project across company's departments
  • Maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the web property in touch with the developers
  • Copy, edit and proofread all web content
  • Oversee freelancers, including writers, copyeditors and community outreach organizers
  • Assure web-based information is archived for future needs and reference
  • Track and report on all site metrics
  • Keep and maintain backups and security systems
  • Keep clear and safe the databases structure
  • Obtain a managed total fail solution
  • Support for the website 24/7
  • Many other services that can't described here (there are more than 150 tasks an administrator has to do for a website monthly)

Website Project Evaluation

Website project evaluation is a very critical process that everyone should do. Evaluation is definitely important for websites and companies that are web-based. This means that the whole business is based on a website. For this reason there are many different factors that are taken into consideration when beginning a project.

Our analysts create this report of your future project and give you the full view of what you'll have to face before you start the project. Evaluation is also performed on live websites to find information about slow pages, high bounce rates, content and literature, images and graphics and generally negative results that prevent users to join the website or business:

  • Information about local or international competition
  • Website technical analysis and needs
  • Development analysis and needs
  • Web marketing and needs
  • Monthly cost for administration and marketing
  • Monthly cost for hosting and other services
  • Total projected cost of investment
  • Expense prognosis & Timetable based results

By carrying out a website evaluation, before you start your web based business, you are sure that you have the required capital to support your vision and ideas, and you know from the beginning what your steps should be. All the information you provide us with during this process is confidential.

Web Applications & Custom Software

Every website needs applications to be interactive with the user. Applications are small software programs that take information through simple entry procedures, and then stores it in a database on the website. As in the case of an internal search engine, e-commerce, support for your clients, events scheduling, or any other kind of operation.

We can make any type of application, for any kind of website. Our 20+ years experience combines modern methods and technologies with web marketing and branding values. An interactive website always generates more traffic, and makes a better impression on your users, it rewards your business with more clients and profits. Ask to see our showcase of hundreds of applications running on live sites.