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Driving School Website Design

Revolution Driving School is a website upgrade project for a driving school company in the NYC area. The whole project was about re-branding the firm, adding a new location, increase the visibility and the flexibility and optimize the sales results. The new design includes many smart elements and hidden fuctions as well.

For the new website we used a Content Management System (CMS) which was combined with custom design and framework. There was a lot of software involved on this project. The visuals of the website were created with the first-time visitors in mind, targeting in grabbing their attention and leading them to the right options. In addition to this, we simplified all the proccesses for signup, classes and payments. 

What is it about

Revolution Driving School is one of the best driving schools in the area of New York, with offices in Manhattan and LIC. They offer a wide range of driving pre-licensing and after licensing courses like defensive driving. Having all the information online, as well as giving their clients the ability to book online in just a few steps, enables Revolution Driving School to increase their productivity and revenue.

revolutio driving school ny small business respsonsive design

What We Did

For this project we had to focus on the home-page and the transactions. We need to make sure that even first-time visitors feels comfortable and understand the services and expertise. Firstly we provided a "contact us" form right at the top of the homepage, so the visitors can solve any question, easily and fast, but it doesn't stop there, in addition, we've added a live chat web app so the users can contact with Revolution Driving School in real time with a quick and comfortable way. 

  • Responsive Design for extra large, large, medium and cell phone screens (Desktops, Tablets & Mobiles)
  • Social Media Account Connection
  • Custom Graphics
  • Secure Online Booking
  • User interface
  • Secure Live Chat
  • Contact form with embedded database
  • Yelp Testimonials

Web Software & Configuration

Regardless the fact that this website looks simple, it's not. We used only commercial software that was configured to our client's demands. We managed to combine more than 20 branded software applications that take care everything including but not limited to the security of the website, user registration, payment systems with verification, multilanguage support, custom forms, classes schedule etc. 

Results So Far

After just a few months, the new website started to provide a steady increase in customers and as a result increased the revenue for our client.

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