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Watawa Sushi Restaurant Featured

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Restaurant Website Design 

Watawa is a very well known sushi restaurant in Astoria, New York. The client had a website with no information other than the menu and so their online exposure was very limited. We created a modern minimalistic website that fits the needs and character of the business. It provides potential customers a physical view of the location, an image  gallery of the cuisine, the menu and customer ratings. It also gives individuals the ability to interact with the restaurant by phone, email and social media outlets.

This is a great and simple restaurant website. Based on a CMS platform it enables us to easily update and maintain the website while the owner has the ability to do any updates as well. After receiving the client's feedback, we went for a sharp look design in order to reflect their approach and heritage. The final result is a lightweight, fast-loading website that serves the clients needs.

What Is It About

Watawa is a Sushi restaurant, specializing in sushi rolls, entrees and sashimi . Their focus is to offer a high-quality traditional cuisine, in a beautiful environment. Watawa is one of the highest rated sushi restaurants in the US and is considered one of the top destinations to go.


What We Did

Our design team, after consulting with the client, went for a minimalist design that fits a Japanese restaurant well. The website is of course fully responsive, so it can render flawlessly in all modern devices, from smartphone screens, and tablets to large desktop screens. The website is composed of a simple homepage, a detailed menu, with all the dishes Watawa's chef has to offer, a gallery, and a contact us page with the restaurant's business hours, location map, and contact form.

  • Responsive Design for extra large, large, medium, and smartphone screens
  • Social Media
  • Gallery
  • Contact Form
  • SEO

Web Software & Configuration

The website is based on a GPL3 licensed CMS platform, and then several commercial software like the framework engine, the gallery, the performance plugins, the google components and the contact form. We also used some GPL3 licenced caching, security etc. software in order to achieve faster speeds, and high security. The client also wanted us to take care of the SEO of the website, in order to increase search engine visibility.

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