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Life Health Fitness

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Website Design

Life Health Fitness is a gym in Whitestone, with a full range of fitness programs. Their website was getting old and had to be upgraded to the next level in order to be competitive on search results, more user friendly and brand their services on the local market.

The goal was to get a modern and functional website that reflects the brand, while offering a complete virtual tour experience to the first time visitors.

What Is It About

Life Health and Fitness of Whitestone is a full-service club that caters to all of your fitness needs; combining State of the Art Equipment, Innovative Group Exercise Programs, Top Tier Personal Trainers and Unmatched member service.

With 3 floors spanning over 20,000 square feet, LHF has quickly become one of the top health clubs in New York that is guaranteed to help you reach and surpass all your fitness goals. The front end of the website incorporates few of the latest technologies and techniques in web design, including responsive design, auto-screen fit, native solutions for smartphones, while on the back end we created a strong SEO engine and automatic sharing to social media networks like facebook and twitter. Extra actions like opt-in to Newsletter, google maps, multiple forms and free-trial created the perfect selling tool for them. 

What We Did

Their old website was build 4 years ago and it was completely obsolete in matters of design, technologies and security. The multi-platform visibility was non-existent and the website functions were very basic. At the same time, the maintenance cost was huge, due to obsolete technologies.

Life Health Fitness Website Old


Life Health Fitness Website New


Out design team re-branded the whole business and their web presence. The new website is eye-catching and is targeted on the right audience, with short descriptions of the classes and solutions LHT is offering. Life Health Fitness now appears on the 1st result in search engines with multiple keywords, creating a complete lead generation system. Finally, their website is available in four languages, US-English, Chinese, Brazilian and Spanish, reflecting the ethnicities that mostly live in the nearby areas.

the web empire life health fitness fully responsive design

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Clean & Colourful Design
  • Newsletter System
  • Social Media Channels
  • Strong SEO Engine
  • Multilingual
  • Training For The Owners
  • Renewed Logo & Graphics

Web Software & Configuration

What might look simple at the first glance, most of the times it is not. On this website, we used a lot of different commercial software programs and 11 GPL3 licenced software to create this nice and clean looking layout.

Results So Far

After 6 months being up and running the website traffic increased 580%! Looks enormous but it's real! They have more than 250 indexed keywords on Google and more than 100 combinations at the first page.

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