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GoPro Restoration & Maintenance

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Website Design

GoPro Restoration & Maintenance is that delivers high-quality services in a wide field of home restoration and maintenance. Our goal was to promote all these services in a clean lightweight website, which is cross-device compatible and ranks at the top results of the major web search engines.

What is it about?

GoPro Restoration & Maintenance goal was to make a complete electronic shop experience for their services. That would include online showcase of their services and achievements,  solve simple questions that might occur to potential customers about their services and expertise, and finally allow the customer to make a quick and easy connection with the company, via an online Request a Quote service. They also requested a blog functionality for the website, so they can help and educate people by giving them professional quality tips and ideas.

What We Did

In order to  deliver a fine quality website we had to make an interview with the customer, and ask him about his needs, then we processed the data with out specialized team and came back for a second course of discussion in order to be sure that we cover all the possible needs of GoPro Restoration & Maintenance Co. Then we drafted a mock-up draft with the backbone of the website, and our media team team took over the design and photography part of the website. Our goal was to grand a user-friendly experience for the visitors. We've also created Pages and Accounts for social media platforms and introduced our customer to other services that would expand their connectivity and interaction with their customers.

GoProSmall compressor

  • Simple and clean design for both desktops and mobiles
  • Advanced Blog system with unlimited amount of images & social sharing tools
  • Color branding
  • New Logo design
  • Custom made e-commerce for affiliations
  • 3rd parties web links system
  • Social media channels
  • Newsletter system
  • Image editing and posting
  • Training for the owner

Web Software & Configuration

GoPro Restoration & Maintenance might look like a relatively simple website to built but under the hood, there are numerous back-end optimizations and customizations. Also as with any other website, the interface is a very important aspect, and in this case, we focused on promoting the services of the company in order to put them in reach of the visitors and potential customers.

Results So Far

From the first month of the new website the traffic have increased already by 105% . The second month is up 150% and still climbing.

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