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Gluten Free Gloriously

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Website Design

Gluten Free Gloriously is an updated website, build from the ground up, in order to promote the products and ideas of Gluten-Free Bakery. The owner requested us to create a website with a modern catalog for the products and a blog functionality.

One of the core functions of this new website is the catalog function, which has to showcase all the products Gluten Free Gloriously produces. Another very important aspect is t the e function to allow users of smartphones and tablets to automatically locate and generate a route to the closest store through GPS location. Then, as with all of our websites, special care was added to the user flow interface, along with a strong custom Search Engine Optimization that was needed for more traffic results and - of course - more potential customers.

What Is It About

Gluten Free Gloriously bakes food which is designed to taste wonderful to those who can not eat gluten or dairy or both. They use eggs, nuts and butter, they never use artificial sweeteners and they rarely use soy. They have also an expanded product line to include some no-dairy and no-nut foods products. The food categories include Custom Cakes, Gluten Free Products, Dairy Free & Gluten Free products. We have also created a Custom Cake online order form, where customers can built their own custom cakes. Special care was added for users to be able to find the closest store since Gluten Free Gloriously products are available in multiple locations. We used geo-map location identifier software that can get the location of the visitor, and then guide him to the closest store.

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What We Did

  • Simple Layout Bloging
  • Color Branding for the website and all social media accounts
  • Advanced catalogue with multiple categories for products
  • E-mail subscription
  • Special Geolocation function
  • Custom data-entry 
  • Training for the owners

Results So Far


As we can see above, the website had 4,8K visitors on the first 5 months, with more than 50% of them coming from Organic Search Results (due to SEO) and the rest from marketing and social media activities. 

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