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Website Design

Allstate Banners is an upgraded e-commerce website. The SEO presence of the well known printing company was the main reason for the project. Website includes a custom made platform with 20,000 products, HTML5 designer tool, shipping and payment methods plus many other elements.

The back-end CMS platform was combined with multiple commercial components and custom programming. The visual presentation of the thousands of products was one of the major concerns, along with user flow, the need for organic results, the performance questions and - of course - the highly anticipated security. This is a large and complex website. Despite that, the owners and admins were able to handle everything by themselves after receiving proper training. The website is available in four languages with Google Translate (and probably more will be added in the near future). There is also a live chat feature, an HTML5 designer tool, a large collection of templates, clipart and images. 

What Is It About

AllStateBanners.Com is one of the first online printing companies in the U.S. Founded in 2006 in Astoria, New York as Empire Banners, very quickly their ambitious team explored and discovered the magical potential of selling online. Not long after, they started shipping their products to the West Coast, East Coast and Central United States. This led to the decision to change the company name to AllStateBanners.Com. Their quality stands out from the competition, and the number of satisfied customers is growing day by day (today they count more than 100,000 repeat clients). Among their clientele are big corporations like Reebok, T-Mobile, Best Buy, Stanford University, MTV and Yelp.


What We Did

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After several months of development and testing, this vast website was ready to launch. In such projects, attention to detail and proper project management is crucial, since any mistake during the design and specification phase, might prove too hard to fix afterwards. AllstateBanners.com e-shop has over 18.000 products, which is a huge number by any standard; this could cause the website to be very slow due to various reasons related mostly to the database, so we had to take special precautions to fine-tune the database and its structure during the development phase. The website also hosts a google reviews feed, custom blog, secure account creation through Social Media, administrative management tools, newsletter subscription, and multiple communication forms. A good website is not enough to attract visitors though, so we did a very pettifogging work on SEO. We used some of the best SEO tools to boost the ranking of the website in all major search engines such as Google, Bing, AOL, and Yahoo.

  • Responsive Design for extra large, large, medium and cell phone screens (Desktops, Tablets & Mobiles)
  • Complete custom Framework
  • Custom PHP
  • HTML5 Designer Tool
  • Thousands of Banner Templates
  • Hundreds of background images
  • Custom Graphics
  • Multilingual
  • Blogging platform for news and announcements
  • Custom Article presentation
  • Embedded Google reviews and ratings
  • Embedded Shopper Approve reviews and ratings
  • Secure Account Creation & management
  • Social Media account connection
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Multiple forms
  • SEO and SEF optimization
  • Training for the owners

Web Software & Configuration

As we mentioned above, this is a very big project. We used several commercial software, some GLP3 licenced software, and as mentioned above, a lot of custom development was required. The website uses HTTPS protocol to ensure secure transactions with the customers.

Results so Far

After just one month, the new website is already - way - higher in organic results and revenue. On a month to month basis comparison, organic results are up 40,4% and revenue is up by 22%.

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