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AdvisorsMagazine.com is a portal around financial, business and technology articles.  The owners wanted to create a blogging website, as well as web magazine, in order to implement their idea, so this is a business that rellies completely on its web presence, and thus it is very important to have a very solid website.

Due to the nature of the business and for security reasons, we cannot analyze the type of the portal and how exactly it works. What makes it different, though, is that it is a completely web-based business, accessible from any device—desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone—and that it is a fully custom blog and web magazine solution. As must be apparent, such a company requires a website with 24/7 uptime, great user experience, and easy flow in order to get repeat visitors.

What Is It About

AdvisorsMagazine.com is a blog and web magazine, dedicated in informing its viewers with news on a wide range of subjects. Some of its subjects involves topics like Finance, Economics and Money subcategories, Business with Leadership and  CEO Insights, Technology with Business tech and Innovation, as well as a whole section dedicated to advisory for retirement planning, financial literacy, fiduciary standards and more. These articles are written by various writters and analysts, in order to provide an in depth look, with professional approach on the matters.

the web empire case study fully responsive web design advisors magazine

In addition, Advisors Magazine, as the title suggests, is a printed magazine as well. They release new versions of the magazine monthly with subjects always related to financial policies, interviews and more.

What We Did

the web empire advisors magazine case studiesAs you can probably understand, covering all these subjects, written by different authors, and presenting them in a website, is no easy task. It requires a complex custom blogging solution with optimized front and back end organization.

Each writer has his own account in order to publish his articles autonomously. The website also hosts the web magazine "The Suit" as well. With the help of a third party service, we embedded all the versions of the magazine to the website, and they are available to read in a nice fluid interface.

Another great feature of Advisors Magazine, is the live feed of the greatest stock exchanges from all around the world. This is a critical feature in the business of finance. In additon to the above, the owner asked us to include a newsletter subscription opt-in, in order to build a real base of constant readers. On the same page, we have the creation of social media pages. We created Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin pages for the website. As with most free website services, Advisors Magazine is implementing advertisements, so we created special banners in key parts of the website that are focused on advertisements. Last but not least, the owner asked us for a testimonial section, which we included.

  • Clean Design for good readability
  • Responsive Design for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
  • Advanced Blogging Platform with more than 11 Categories
  • Advanced Blogging Platform with tens of writers
  • Web Magazine Solution
  • Real-Time Stock Exchange Prices
  • Social Media Pages
  • Advertisements
  • Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Testimonials Section
  • Monthly SEO services

Web Software & Configuration

The website was a big project but not so complex.Besides the blogging and article writing, we used a plethora of special software in order to be able to display the web magazine version, the real time stocks strip and the advertisement section. Besides that, due to the high number of persons involved (like composers and admins for example), we had to install proprietary security software in order to ensure the security of the website. Finaly, we are using state of the art SEO commercial software in order to boost the ranking of Advisors Magazine in all major search engines.

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