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Diamond Sports Agency

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Diamondsportsagency.com is an international sports agency located in Athens, Greece, who represents players and coaches all around the world. Certified by FIBA, NBA, Basketball Bundesliga, and Hellenic Basketball Federation, their goal is to provide high-quality services in a highly competitive market.

For such professional market, the website is a gate to success. The presentation of the information is crucial, and there must be a lot of attention to detail. There is a complete record for each player and coach, with images, experience, highlights, awards and achievements., as well as their education. Also in most of the players records you can access videos.

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What Is It About

Diamond Sports Agency provides a full range of services including career planning, contracts negotiations, dietary and strength conditioning programs, personal relationships marketing and legal assistance in the highly competitive global market. Since it is a family business, their approach to their clients is personal, friendly and always professional.

What We Did

the web empire diamondsport case studiesThe custom home page is welcoming the visitor with a large image and many options. Visitor can immediately pick the services, players or coaches, or just jump to read the blog. We had to take into consideration that some of the data, might be confidential, so for example the list of the players, is not public. Instead, the visitor has to acquire special privileges from the administrator before he can access the list of the players.

When the access is granted, the visitor can browse through the player's database either by viewing the whole list or by the player's position (i.e. guards, forwards, centers etc). Promoting your clients the right way is very important, so we've added an Instagram feed with the players and some of their personal scores. The same data are available on their Facebook page.

Finally, as with every website, we added multiple communication forms and additionally security software.

  • Responsive design for large and medium screens, tablets and mobiles
  • Custom system with private database for players
  • Blog system for news and announcements
  • Custom article presentation
  • Custom graphics
  • Rotating Testimonials
  • Creation of Social Media pages
  • Training for the owners 

Website Software & Configuration

Multiple commercial software was used in order to create this fast loading page. Some noteworthy software we used in this website: Firewall software for security, commercial grade SEO software, Image Galleries and Blog Platform.

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