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SocialMediaSP.com is a newly created social media marketing company. Their goal is raise the online presence of local businesses, in multiple platforms such as facebook, twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. They follow a dynamic approach by working direct with their clients.

For such business, the competition is really high and thus ranking high on search engines is very crucial in order to obtain new customers. A clean interface that guides the visitor step by step to the website and introduces him to the major concerns of the market is the first thing that came in our minds. It is important to invest in social media presence but is also very important to understand why. The website reflects the quality of the services the company has to offer with a complete analysis of pricing and some serious tools.

What Is It About

The emerge of social media platforms, along with the arrival of the smartphone devices changed the scenery of the world wide web. In the middle of 2013 smartphone devices surpassed the users of desktop computers and social media was in the pocket of more than three billion users daily. Large companies like Google and Facebook, introduced new ways to promote your business with low or no cost at all. Lead Generation in social media creates new opportunities for small and big business to dramatically increase their reach to the consumers.

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What We Did

socialmediaspThe homepage provides all the required information for first-time visitors to introduce them to the world of social media marketing, and analyses why this becomes more important day by day.

For such a website, the web interface is very important. In this case, we used a lot of animation effects in order to give a more lively experience. The top slideshow is using some "fly in" effects and as you scroll down, the content of the website pops in, or loads live as the user scrolls further down to reveal more content. Part of the marketing strategy of SocialMediaSP is some free giveaways, but they also offer a Facebook guide e-book you can easily download.


  • Simple and clean design for desktops, tablets and mobiles
  • Advanced Blog system with unlimited amount of images & social media sharing tools
  • Free E-Book download buttons
  • Custom HTML5 Pricing tool
  • Service representation to attract subscribers
  • Online E-Book Purchase system
  • Request a Quote system
  • Newsletter system
  • Custom SEO Monthly Services
  • Training for the owner

Website Software & Configuration

SocialMediaSP is not a particularly technical website but surely implements all the latest technologies and trends, like newsletter system, translator, blogging platform, lead generations, social media hidden codes, online purchases etc. The more attention was paid in the aspect of design and UX. Being a marketing company, SocialMediaSP needed a cutting-edge design, with a lot of custom graphics and animations that looks the same on desktop, mobile and tablet devices without causing stress or lag in any of them! 

Results so Far

After 3 months from the day we launched, the website jumped on the first page of Google for multiple local queries.

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