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Melenos Lindos Hotel (AWARDED)

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Website Design

Melenos Lindos Hotel  in Rhodos, Greece has a long presence on the web and they pay special attention to keep up to date with the latest technologies. Our goal was to update their website with beautiful photography and graphics in order to be competitive and more user friendly.

 The hotel itself is really special, with a lot of custom design artwork. Every single corner of that place is full of history and - very expensive - handcrafted materials. The hotel is mutliple times awarded from international architectural magazines and it's considered one of the top 10 places to stay in Greece.

What Is It About

The Melenos hotel in Lindos Rhodes has a spectacular setting of nature and history for its distinctive accommodation: it nestles within the high rocky flank of the ancient Lindos Acropolis and offers a panorama of the Aegean Sea and distant coastline. Blending with the heritage village style, the hotel's white-washed and sandstone buildings containing the twelve suites and public areas, branch off a central stairway, giving the appearance of -- a village within a village.

thewebempire case studies meledos lindos hotel responsive website

The front end design of the website features a responsive layout along with some imagery of the facilities and the surroundings as well as a carousel with testimonials written by their honoured customers. On the top of the home-page sits a state of the art software for booking both rooms and suites as well as flights to Rhodes. Scrolling lower there is a beautiful mosaic of atmospheric images providingl the information for the first-time visitors, while at the same time gives a very good idea of the experience they will face. 

What We Did

Their old website was aged, with basic design and obsolete. The images were low resolution and were not fit to the modern standards.

Our design team came up with a brand new, modern website based on high resolution images and graphics with special care to loading times (always less than two seconds), and with the help of our branding and marketing team we decorated the front page with parts of the handcrafted artwork of the hotel. We showcased the top-quality services they offer for weddings and events, the restaurants and views. Melenos Lindos now appears among the first results in the major web search engines for luxury hotels for the island of Rhodes. 

  • Clean & Colorful design for desktops, tablets and mobiles
  • Easy Booking system for flights and rooms
  • Native translation in seven languages, including French, German, Spanish, Russian and Italian 
  • Complete custom Graphic Design
  • Professional Photography
  • Social media channels
  • Training for the owners

Website Software & Configuration

Meledos Lindos website required a complex custom software solution for booking new rooms, but in this case, we wanted to go one step further, assisting clients even with how to get to the hotel in the lowest price, so we implemented a custom search for flights with the help of a popular flight search engine.

Results so Far

The results speak for themselves. We got awarded!


 The traffic for organic searches for European countries, which is the target for the owner, skyrocketed the first months after the launch of the new website for more than 20 major keyword combinations we were interested in. After 6 months of SEO services, melenos almost doubled the visitors (88%) and they almost booked for next year. In addition to that, they show a huge increase on events and weddings request (up 110%).

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